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Military / Aerospace

Cable Associates is honored to be a trusted supplier for leading national defense contractors supporting military operations across the world.

Cable Associates manufactures custom ruggedized copper wire harnesses, fiber and RF assemblies for Military and Aerospace applications. These applications include but are not limited to the following:
• Electrical harnesses for laser guided missile systems
• Fiber towed decoys
• MUOS Fiber / electrical systems
• RF and Radar DITMCO RF / Electrical harnesses for communication shelters
• Fiber / splitter assemblies for Naval submarines
• Various voice/data harnesses for Army Depots

Cable Associates has years of experience terminating electrical, RF and optical military contacts that include:
• 38999
• M28876

All of our electrical cable assemblies are tested 100% for continuity and signal integrity while our fiber optic cable assemblies are tested for insertion loss, interferometry and back reflection.

Every Cable Associates military product has been manufactured with great pride at our Northeastern Pennsylvania facility for over 30 years

Cable Associates welcomes the opportunity to be your trusted supplier.