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We manufacture custom ruggedized copper wire harnesses, fiber and RF assemblies for aerospace applications.

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Equipment List

Cable Associates is continually expanding production and test capabilities with the latest manufacturing and test equipment. CAI monitors industry trends while working closely with our equipment suppliers and customers. From Schleuniger Mercury 4 Laser Wire Strippers to 40 GHz Anritsu Shockline VNA's, Cable Associates is committed to providing the highest quality cable assembly solutions for our valued customers.

Schleuniger cut and strip machines

TE, Molex, Positronic, Hirose, strip and crimp presses

JBC, Weller and Metcal Soldering stations

Hexacon & AB Industrial Solder Pots

Cirris & Fluke cable test systems

Custom assembly and test fixtures

TE, Molex, Hirose, Positronic, Amphenol crimp presses and tooling.

Schleuniger and Komax cut and strip machines

Panduit, Brady and TE Label systems

Cirris, Fluke and Schleuniger test equipment

Domaille & SGI Polishing machines and plates

Schleuniger automatic fiber production machines

Nordson Performus III epoxy dispensers

Temperature controlled curing ovens and stations

Viavi, Noyes, Opto-Test, EXFO and Rifocs optical test equipment

Viavi Inspection scopes and software

Viavi MAP 200/300 Fiber Mapping and Test Systems

Fiber Check II Inspection Scopes and Systems

Clean-Blast Cleaning Systems

Daisy, Norland and DORC Interferometers

Anritsu OTDR

Daisy D-Scope MT Fiber Optic Inspection System

Three ESD controlled laboratories with humidity control

ESD Monitoring systems

ESD Ionizers, benches, chairs and flooring

Tenney and Thermo-Tron Temperature Chambers

Schleuniger Pull Test equipment PT-28, PT26 and PT-326

40 GHz Anritsu vector network analyzers

Mini Circuits RF switching systems

Fiber Optic epoxy thermal ovens

Komax Mira 340 & 440, Comic 48R coax cutting systems

Komax Mira 230 wire stripping machines

Seven Associates T-500 Coax Cutter

Winton WX-6 semi rigid coax bending machines

Dimension Fiber scopes

Agilent 8753E Vector Network Analyzer

EXFO sources and power meters

OptoTest OP 735-IN3 & OP 950mm Power and back reflection meters

OptoTest 1x12 bi-directional switch matrix OP721-MM

Agiltron 1x24 and 1x12 optical switches1050 semi rigid strip machine

Schleuniger Unistrip 2600 strip machine

Schleuniger SR-1050 coax stripper

Schleuniger Mercury 4 laser wire stripper

Craftbot IDEC XL 3D Printer

TE RBK-X1 Heat Shrink Machines

TE XB-19 Heat Shrink Machines

Cole Parmer Ultra sonic cleaning machines

Brady Wrapter A6500 wrap around label machines

Brady Wrapter A6200 wrap around label machines

Siglent Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator SDG1032X

Siglent Digital Oscilloscope SDS-1202X-E

In-house designed test systems for laser testing.

Meiji Microscopes

Various in-house calibration equipment

Am-Scope MU1000 digital Inspection Microscope

Mountz TL-100i and various torque wrenches and screw drivers

Schleuniger 7010 Kevlar Cutters

LANTEK-II and Fluke CAT 5, 5e, 6 and 6A testers.

Project Highlight

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